Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sheridan and Michael - 3rd October 2009

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Sheridan and Michael's wedding, and what a beauty it was! Sheridan's little touches were right through the whole wedding - you could just tell that great thought had been put into it!

'Plan A' was ditched before I arrived - Ceremony in the gardens of Norman Lindsay Gallery.
'Plan B' was JUST as awesome - held on the front porch of the Gallery with guests sitting off to each side... BEAUTIFUL!

Then, the rain stayed away for a moment while we got into the gardens for a few photos. And here is the blow away for the day... (Part of me wants this blown up big in MY house! Ha ha!)

There's something about it! Mind you, we were singing "Run Rabbit Run" through our heads for the rest of the afternoon!

And how lucky was this!?! The lovely ladies gave in to my battering eyelashes and allowed us into the gallery for some quick photos!!! No photography is allowed in the gallery, so we were all feeling a bit spesh!

Then on to the stunning reception at Springwood Bowling Club.

Thank you Sheridan and Michael for letting me share your special day! It was a BLAST!

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