Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blue Mountains Photographer - Bookings for 2012

I just wanted to wish all my beautiful clients and blog readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I'm excited to see what 2012 will bring for us as a family and also for my little business. I have a few big and new things planned and lots of bookings already for the beginning of the year. So check in regularly here, or for quicker and more recent info become a fan on Facebook.

Just a little PSA. January is very full with bookings right now, I'm happy to fit you in if you need a session in an honest emergency (or if we need to reschedule a booking already made because of rain). Otherwise please look to February for the next available bookings.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and see you next year!!!


Mell Mallin.

Blue Mountains Family Photographer - The Moffitt Family

You might remember little Emily from a few months ago. Louise and her little family wanted to grab some photos before Christmas, so them being my last session for 2011 was perfect!

We met at The Rhododendron Gardens in Blackheath, as it was where Louise and Dave had their wedding photos. It was raining all the way up until the morning of our shoot together, and so by the afternoon, the sun was shining and it was the perfect place and the perfect weather for some shots around the beautiful gardens.

Merry Christmas Moffitts!


Sydney Wedding Photographer - Cath and Mark (Willy)

I was STOKED to meet up with Cath and Mark (from HERE) again.

Their wedding was held at Q Station in Manly. It was one of the most beautiful and versatile locations I have ever seen!

After some pre wedding photos of the girls getting ready, we headed to the pier for the ceremony. It was beautiful and we even had a boat glide by to take a look!

After the ceremony Cath and Willy had a quick drink with their guests at the bar, and then we headed off to take a look at some fantastic places to shoot some bridal party photos.

My favorite place (and Will actually asked if we could get some photos in here) was the old hospital building... it was CREEPY!!!!!

Thanks for having me Cath and Will, I hope you are enjoying your images.


Blue Mountains Family Photographer - Leishman Chair Set

I LOVE a chair set (but you all know that!) and so I was thrilled when Melissa, a friend of mine, wanted to have her own set. The kids were adorable, and so this was the result!

I hope you are enjoying your chair set Mel, and I hope it is printed BIG and hung in your house!


Sydney Wedding Photographer - Lauren and Wade

It was such a beautiful day for Lauren and Wade's wedding (on the 18th November 2011... I know, I have some catching up to do!!!)

Beautiful and sunny and warm, we had a lovely time by the beach at Narrabeen, a sensational ceremony on the grass and then off for some fancy photos on the beach.

Thanks for having me guys, I hope you are enjoying your images.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oberon Family Photographer - Family Photography

Last weekend I took a beautiful drive out to Oberon (about 1 hour 10 minutes from Katoomba)
It was a beautiful drive, and when I arrived as the directions told me, I was at a park called "The Common" It was an outstandingly beautiful place, I was just so overwhelmed by how pretty it was.

First I got to catch up with the Edwards family

Then I got to meet the Scorgie family

Thanks for having me guys, and thank you Donna for organizing it!

Your discs are in the mail!


Blue Mountains Photographer - Best of Friends

I had a lovely afternoon shooting up a storm with my lovely friend Michelle and her good friend Cath, they have been friends a LONG time, and you sure can tell!

It was FANTASTIC shooting you Cath and Chelle. I hope you are enjoying your images


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blue Mountains Family Photographer - Emmanuel Family

My second shoot this afternoon was of an adorable little family from a little further down the mountain. They are keen to have some canvases made. I think these will look FANTASTIC!

Enjoy your sneak peek Sarah and Michael!

I'll be in touch soon,

Blue Mountains Family Photographer - Austin Family

This afternoon I had the pleasure of two sessions, both were with some of the most lovely people! The first shoot, I had the chance to photograph one of my dearest friends and her beautiful family. I had the absolute honor of being at my beautiful friend Lusi Austin's home birth (view pictures here)

We had a lovely time, and (at Lusi's suggestion... HONEST!!!) we went and had the shoot out the front of the council chambers, which (for facebook friends) you know is somewhere I've been DYING to have a family shoot!

Thanks beautiful Lus for allowing me to document a beautiful time in your life... AGAIN!!!


Friday, November 4, 2011

What To Wear

I'm frequently asked...

"What should we wear to our shoot Mell? I'm totally lost!"

And my response is always this...

Try not to "match", try the word "coordinate" instead.

Tip 1) Help the most picky person choose first. If there is a small child, or someone who is particular about how clothes fit or feel, help them to choose something beautiful that they will feel most comfortable in. After this has happened, choose colours from the first outfit and go to town with everyone else. As base colours if you are stuck, I usually recommend Jeans/Blue and/or black to start out.

Tip 2) How many colours??? This all depends on the amount of people you are preparing for your shoot. There are some examples below, but I usually suggest not many more than 3 colours in a smaller family of say 5, but when you start heading up to extended family shoots like a few below, then 4-5 colours or shades usually work out fine.

Tip 3) Layer, layer, layer! Shoots always look fantastic, not only when the beautiful people in them are coordinating, but also when they layer their colours. T-shirts with collars, vests and jackets with a scarf and some fancy boots... the more layers you have, the more fantastic your shoot will look!

Tip 4) Layer layer layer... but my shoot is in summer! If your shoot happens to come in warmer weather, don't worry about layering up and feel like you are in a sauna. Choose fantastic accessories like necklaces and hair clips, the possibilities are endless!


All of my clients look fantastic in their shoots, but I have chosen a few examples of larger families who rocked their session with their choice of outfits. Note that nobody "matches" yet everyone looks so fantastic together!


The Sutton shoot was great because they chose three main colours and accented with black. They used my layering tip, which was easy as it was a cooler day for their winter shoot. Mum picked blue, green and purple, and managed to get the boys in the same shirt, but different colours, and same for the little girls... great work Mum!

This adorable family didn't ask for my assistance, but they looked fantastic together anyway! Another shoot from a cool day where jackets and jumpers with great textures were able to be worn. Greys, blacks, and little girls in beautiful bright pink and baby pink... very sweet!

This is a great example of an extended family, from totally different places in the state, coming together on the day... and look what they pulled together!!!
I might let you know that this particular day was pouring with rain, and literally freezing cold. We powered though the session anyway, and I take my hat off to those family members who had short sleeves for the sake of looking great in the group shot!
Jeans, pale blue, green, and black/grey. They. look. AMAZING together!!!

The Barnes family was another big shoot that I had on another rainy day in Blackheath. They coordinated fabulously with jeans/blue, black, turquoise and reds. Great work guys!!!

And the final example for todays entry, the Walker family from a shoot last weekend. Their aim was for a few black and white photos (a passion of mine too!) but in colour, they looked fantastic too! Emma chose turquoise, and blue for the majority of this shoot, but I love how the brown in little Amy's dress ties into their hair colour, and it's a little special that even all the girl's lip colour is very close.

So if you are looking for examples of how to dress for your session without looking like you accidentally wore the same outfit (how embarrassment!!!) then keep these tips in mind, and these examples of real life MMP families.

xo Mell.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Blue Mountains Family Photographer - Lyddiard Family

I do so love my job!

I got to meet this cute family in Katoomba last weekend. I went to high school with Mithra, and she contacted me for some family photos now that her little baby boy had arrived.

It was so great to see you Mithra! I hope you like your sneak peek. Your disc should be on your doorstep very very soon!

Blue Mountains Newborn Photographer - Baby Aurora 7 Days Old

If you remember this little bump from here, then you will be pleased to know that THIS beautiful baby girl was sleeping inside! I got to meet sweet little Aurora this morning in my mini studio. She was not really ready for a sleep (read: WIDE AWAKE) when her Mummy and Daddy arrived, but by the end of our time together, she was out like a light!

What a good girl!

Thanks for coming Cassie and Ben. Aurora is so sweet, thank you for allowing me to photograph her squishy newborn goodness. I'll be in touch soon.


Blue Mountains Child Photographer - Beth and Will

OH. MY. GOSH!!! how adorable are these two???

They happen to be my cousin's kiddies, and little Will there is only 8 weeks old.

Thanks for coming to have a shoot Anne, I'll have your images ready ASAP!

Blue Mountains Family Photographer - Walker Family

I had a lovely afternoon on Sunday photographing some beautiful friends of mine. The Walker children have appeared in a few of my posts, but I was lucky enough this time to be involved in a whole family shoot!

How gorgeous are Emma and Rod?!?!?!
along with these three spunky monkeys
Just too beautiful!

I'll be in touch soon with your images guys