Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blue Mountains Family Photographer - Barnes Family

All of my shoots hold a special place in my heart, this one in particular was a special little shoot.

This, is the Barnes family. James and Rosemary are very special to a lot of people, so when their eldest daughter called me to organize a special birthday gift for Rosemary, I jumped at the chance. James and Rosemary have 6 children, 3 children in laws, and 4 grandchildren, so this 15 person shoot was pretty special seeing as the goal was to get images of ALL of them together. Everyone looked fantastic, and in spite of the rain intruding about 15 minutes into our shoot, we were totally task oriented and managed all the combination photos that we wanted to capture!

Great work everyone!

And you look fabulous too!!!

P.S. For those looking to dress a large group for a shoot (or even a small group) I encourage you to choose a few colours that go well together and let everyone run with whatever is in their wardrobe. For this shoot the colours were Black, Jeans/Blue, Red and Turquoise... it gives everyone a chance to look fantastic together, but still wear what they are comfortable in!

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