Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sydney Wedding Photographer - Cath and Mark (Willy)

I was STOKED to meet up with Cath and Mark (from HERE) again.

Their wedding was held at Q Station in Manly. It was one of the most beautiful and versatile locations I have ever seen!

After some pre wedding photos of the girls getting ready, we headed to the pier for the ceremony. It was beautiful and we even had a boat glide by to take a look!

After the ceremony Cath and Willy had a quick drink with their guests at the bar, and then we headed off to take a look at some fantastic places to shoot some bridal party photos.

My favorite place (and Will actually asked if we could get some photos in here) was the old hospital building... it was CREEPY!!!!!

Thanks for having me Cath and Will, I hope you are enjoying your images.


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