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Blue Mountains Newborn Photographer - Mell Mallin's Best Newborn Tips

Squishy, Sleepy, Newborn, Goodness!

When it comes to newborns, the optimum time to book your session is within the 10 days after birth. This time frame means that they are much more sleepy, and able to be moulded into a beautiful pose without becoming distressed or too cranky if they are naked.

How do I go about booking the date I need within that 10 days?

Obviously, knowing the exact date of bub's arrival is almost impossible. I highly recommend you contact me about 2 months before you are due to give birth and let me know your due date, this way I can keep my bookings a little more clear for you and your precious little bundle's session. 

What if I miss that 10 day period?

It's possible to get sleepy photos when bubby is up to 3 weeks old, but it's much more difficult. More often than not, bubby is unsettled and displaying jerky and unflattering movements during the shoot. If you need to hold your session when bub is closer to the 3 or 4 week mark, I recommend booking your session right on nap time.

What do I need for the session?

I highly recommend that my clients provide their own blankets and wraps for their session with me to keep your session unique. It's also fairly easy to pick up a few props for you to make your session look far more original from anyone else's (for instance, this adorable hungary caterpillar or the ballerina in a basket below). 
I have a few props that I will always bring to every single newborn session, and also a small selection of props that I am more than happy to bring on request. 

What do I need to do at the session?

Relax and have a blast!!!
I am well versed in children (with three of my own cherubs), and especially newborns. Apart form a hand once in a while, and a good idea of the direction that you would like your shoot to take, you can just sit back and watch your beautiful bub have a lovely time and look cute doing it! 

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