Monday, October 27, 2014

Blue Mountains Birthday Photographer - Frozen Surprises

Birthdays are usually a big deal at our house. We tend to go all out, well... I tend to go all out ;)

This year was my daughter's 6th birthday (and first at school) 

She said to me she wanted to have a sleepover, just her and me. So I set to work planning a girly sleepover to end all sleepovers :)

The biggest surprise for her was who picked her up

I dressed as Anna, and had a friend make an excuse that I was going to be late, and she dressed her in the Elsa dress that I had made and given to her earlier that morning. Then  I waited for her to finish school in the playground, and BOY was she surprised :) 


After her (requested) Chinese dinner, we had some fun things planned.

Frozen Tattoos...

Frozen mani and pedi 

and watching Frozen in her Frozen bedroom <3 nbsp="">

Fun times :) Happy birthday baby